Or direct deposit Pets Haven Fund
Account BSB: 033 118
Account Number: 373 786


Many people genuinely care about the welfare of abused, abandoned and homeless companion pets. Pets Haven Foundation provides the veterinary care, rehabilitation and rehoming services required for all animals coming into their care. Pets Haven Foundation is a non-profit animal charity, which does not receive any government funding and solely relies on compassionate members of the community in providing necessary financial support.

Not many people know that virtually all animal shelters act as Pounds. This means that there is often a requirement for those shelters to euthanise healthy animals or animals that may require rehabilitation, so they can make room for incoming stray animals.

Pets Haven Foundation is the only Shelter in Victoria, which does not have any operations as a pound, therefore your bequeathed money will never go towards euthanising healthy animals. All animals are safe within our environment and will never be compromised. We know for people who are bequeathing, it is comforting in knowing that your funds will be used to save animals lives.  

Pets Haven Foundations  mission is to responsibly save and rehabilitate all animals that come into our care. Sadly, at many shelters throughout Australia numerous animals are put to sleep for no reason; this is why it is very important for everyone to research who they support and where their bequest money actually goes.


Pets Haven Bequest Program – Including care of your pet in your will

Sadly, many pet owners become unable to care for their pets for many reasons; they may move into a care facility or a retirement village, where they cannot take their pet[s], or they have become unwell or have passed away.

We understand that saying goodbye to your beloved companion is one of the hardest things you can do. You deserve to have peace of mind that your pets are going to be taken care of. We can provide long term care for your beloved pets.

By stating in your will that your pet[s] have been left to Pets Haven Foundation, our program allows you to make provision for their  lifelong care.

For Pets Haven Foundation to be the recipient of your pet; you must include specific wording in your Will. This allows Pets Haven Foundation to take full responsibility for your pet. A minimum bequest amount of $5,000 must be provided to help pay for the ongoing veterinary costs for the life of your pet.

If you would like Pets Haven Foundation to be the recipient of your pets, you will have the reassurance of knowing that your companion pet will be taken into care once you are no longer able to look after them.

Animals bequeathed to Pets Haven Foundation become the legal responsibility of Pets Haven. We take great care in carefully selecting permanent foster homes.

All future veterinary fees for the animal are covered by the bequest left to Pets Haven Foundation by the original owner.

It  is our duty and responsibility to keep in contact with foster carers and to make regular visits to bequested animals. We want to ensure that these animals are stress free and are coping well.

We wish to thank you for considering Pets Haven Foundation.


If you would like to leave a bequest to an ethical and transparent organisation, then please consider Pets Haven Foundation.   

 “I give devise and bequeath to Pets Haven Foundation for the general purposes of the Pets Haven Foundation

(a) the whole of my Estate of whatsoever kind and wheresoever situate

(b) ............ % of my Estate

(c) and/or the sum of $ ..... free of all duties and taxes payable at my death and I

declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or other Proper Officer for the time being

of the said national office shall be sufficient discharge for my trustees.”

Note: choices (a), (b) and (c) should be followed by the statement, “after the payment of all my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses and all duties, taxes and charges payable on my Estate at my death.


Our banking details are

Pets Haven Foundation

Westpac Bank

BSB 033 118  Account 373786


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