Or direct deposit Pets Haven Fund
Account BSB: 033 118
Account Number: 373 786


Thank you for thinking of the Pets Haven Foundation, we really do require the help of the community with fundraising. All money raised goes directly towards our shelter.

If you wish to organize a fundraiser, you will need to contact us to get fundraising authority – this way we and the public know you are a legitimate fundraiser and that the funds will be directly returned to Pets Haven Foundation.

If you are considering fundraising for us by selling or serving food you will need to ensure you have the appropriate food handling certificates.

If you are an individual, company, privately owned business or a school/university and want to help our shelter; please email fundraising@petshaven.org.au  

On Line Fundraising EVERY DAY HERO

Feel like climbing the highest mountain, running a race or if you are celebrating your new arrival of a baby, wedding, Birthday, you can create your very own online fundraising page to raise much needed funds for Pets Haven Foundation, the proceeds will benefit the animals in our care.

Utilising Everyday Hero, and setting up your own fundraising page could not be any easier!!!!

1. Register your details 2. Setup your fundraising page 3. Upload your photo/video!

You can then use Everyday Hero's free emailing service to let advise your friends, family and colleagues about your fundraising activity; they will be able to leave donations and special messages on your page, plus track your progress with your very own Herometer! Please let Pets Haven Foundation also know and we will promote what you are doing.

All donations are securely handled by Everyday Hero and are automatically transferred to Pets Haven Foundation.

If you have questions or require assistance please call the team at Everyday Hero on 1300 798 768.





By asking your family, friends, neighbors and work colleagues to donate money to your, or your pet's, fundraising birthday is a very generous gift in itself. Fundraising in lieu of receiving presents is a wonderful way in showing all who you love what means the word to you. We even have beautiful certificates you can print out for your donation gift.




Many people arrange an In Memory donation in lieu of giving flowers. A memoriam donation will allow you to make a donation in memory of a lost pet, or in honor of someone. Please contact us about envelopes to place at the service for donations.



Are you getting married and would like to support Pets Haven Foundation? Many couples choose to make a donation to their favorite charity instead of accepting gifts on their wedding day. We can even provide beautiful personalised cards to place on the table for your special day. Or alternatively you may choose to ask us for gift envelopes to place on your tables.

Being creative, create your own fundraising event for Pets Haven Foundation by approaching, your friends, family and work colleagues, together you may create an event which will benefit the animals at our shelter.


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