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Get Your Business Involved

During hard times, companion animals are hit especially hard when their owners feel that they can no longer afford to feed them or keep them due to the loss of an income. Many animals can no longer be cared for due to marriage breakups, animals not allowed in rentals and the never ending flow of animals ending up in death row pounds.

With resources stretched extremely thin, Pets Haven Foundation can always benefit from additional funds, something that your business can definitely help with if you put your mind to it!

Raising money for Pets Haven Foundation is possible in numerous ways; you will be helping animals in need and raising awareness.

There are many ways your business can help Pets Haven foundation; here are just a few.

If you run your own business, donate a percentage from each sale or service rendered direct to the animal shelter. Let people know you're doing this as it can encourage them to do the same too

Payroll giving

Organising a cup cake day

A ‘high tea’ afternoon

Organise a fundraising football/soccer match

Ask employees to make crafts and sell them

Organise an internal ‘trash and treasure’ market

Hold an art exhibition.. Ask local galleries if they'd be willing to donate some space for the event, in the cause of the animals.

Dog walking, organise a visit at our shelter, walk our dogs, help with the shelters general duties, be hands on and get totally involved

Organise garage sale. All that ‘old junk’ in your home could soon be someone else's treasure and more money for our animal shelter!

Social networking fundraising. You could encourage your staff to make donations online. You could even ask staff from Pets Haven to visit your business work place. 

Your business could sponsor one of our pens or cat enclosures.

Set up a pet food bank in at your work place

 Organise a causal dress day, or a weird hair day

Get donations by organising a long walk/run, long distance swim, mountain climb or similar physical effort. Ask for donations for milestones achieved along the way or get pledges for donations when you've finished the task.


Make it very clear to customers and your employees where the money you raise is going.

Request permission from Pets Haven Foundation; Use our banners, signs, logos etc. to increase the impact of your fundraising. If people understand where the money is going, they're likely to spend more or to offer additional donations. 

Market your fundraising. Network with your employees, customers, clients and business partners; find suitable ways to market the fundraising you're doing so that people are aware and will turn up to the event and donate to your fundraiser. Most importantly of all, focus on the cause rather than on the organisation itself––always tell people about what is being done to help the animals and how things change for the better when donations are made. Below are just some of the ways to promote your fundraising efforts:

Send emails around to friends and family and ask them to forward this information on to people they know in the area.

Set up an internal face book page

Advertise in the pet section of the local paper.

Advertise in local papers

Advertise internally

Put flyers into people's mail boxes.

Hang up posters around your community and business place

Through word of mouth––tell people what you're doing whenever you have the opportunity.



Pets Haven Foundation will acknowledge and thank your organisation for all that you have done. With an enormous facebook following and a very active website; not only will you be helping our orphaned animals, your business will be recognised.


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