Or direct deposit Pets Haven Fund
Account BSB: 033 118
Account Number: 373 786


Wish List:

Many fabulous orphans are awaiting adoption at Pets Haven Foundation but while they are waiting for their new families to find them, there are a few items which they could really use, and so could we.

There are also lots of expenses, the day to day operational costs which include; kitty litter, wet and dry food, toys, cat scratching posts, beds, treats, worming/flea products, office supplies, cleaning supplies the list never seems to end.

Our monthly veterinary bills are around $30,000! We really need your donations, whether they are large or small.

All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

If you cannot make it to the shelter to drop off your donations. We have a list of drop off points all around Melbourne.

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Obviously to us the most important thing we require is for people to adopt from Pets Haven Foundation and tell everyone they meet about ‘Pets Haven’, the more people who know about us, the more animals lives we can save.

A double horse float for rescuing horses from the knackery

Volunteers to cuddle our furry friends while they wait for their new homes

Foster Carers to care for mothers and babies (both feline and canine)
until they are old enough to be re-homed

MONEY – this pays for everything including vet bills, ongoing medication, water, gas, electricity,
heating and cooling for the animals, the list goes on and on

Wet cat food – dry cat food

Wet dog food – dry dog food

Powdered kitten/puppy replacement milk


Toys for cats and dogs

Cat lovers – TLC for our distressed cats and kittens

Dog lovers – TLC for our distressed dogs and puppies

Blankets / Bedding & Towels

Animal Medications / Bandages

Stationery (paper, pens, staplers, staples, plastic pockets and so on)

Kitchen type cleaning products


If you can help with any of these items but can’t make it to the shelter why not check out our donation drop off points to find somewhere closer to you?


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